Dear Innovator: 7 Best Books for Understanding Innovation from an Evolutionary Perspective — List by Tiisetso Maloma

My two newest books explore innovation from an evolutionary perspective, and, with a view to creating novel products. They are available on Amazon: Innovate The Next and Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily.

The ‘Revolution’ in ‘Industrial Revolutions’ should have been called ‘Evolution’, i.e. …

(This answer is taken from my book Innovate the Next). Decentralisedconsensus is the ability of participants on a tributed network to reach perfect agreement on a shared database, without the involvement of a central authoritative figure. With Blockchain currencies, the transactions are approved by decentralised individuals who approve based only…

African Corporations should vertically innovate like Tesla and Zara to achieve proprietary and material novel innovation, and thus lead competitively, become wealthy and create jobs

This post is inspired by the findings in my latest two books (6th and 7th): ‘Innovate the Next: Success Frameworks to Innovating Products in Any Revolution’ and ‘Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily.’ They are available on Amazon, in South African bookstores, and on my website.

Elon Musk…

This small book guides you on how to start any business venture simply and easily — and without the big capital or the funding you think you need.

I’ve used this simple lesson in my 10 years of being an entrepreneur and managed to start clothing brands, a publishing company — publishing my own books and other authors, events, emojis, etc.


  • FEEL CONFIDENT that you can start a business with the little that you have
  • Come up with an EASY and SIMPLE way to START your BUSINESS VENTURE
  • Cut out 80% of the things you thought you needed (offices, or something as simple business cards)

Please click here to receive the book

Tiisetso Maloma

Author of The Anxious Entrepreneur + 3 books. Entrepreneur. Pattern Modeler. Created EBC Business Model. Huff Post contributor. Founder @startup_picnic

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